The C++ Standard Template Library Part 1- Overview

CPP STL Series

Today we’re going to talk about the C++ Standard Template Library also known as the standard library. C++ is a very old high-level programming language favored for its performance and power.

Even though C++ provides the bells and whistles like other high level programming languages. Like other programming languages it is not easy to do certain tasks using the core language features. This is why we need a library. Continue reading

The picture of the software designer deriving his design in a rational, error-free way from a statement of requirements is quite unrealistic. No system has ever been developed in that way, and probably none ever will. Even the small program developments shown in textbooks and papers are unreal. They have been revised and polished until the author has shown us what he wishes he had done, not what actually did happen. David Parnas and Paul Clements

The Picture of the Software Designer

GPU Technology Conference on Track


The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, an expo showcasing the best in GPU technology. Where academia and industry professionals come together to interact and share ideas about GPU computing.

This is an annual conference of talks, hands-on labs, key-notes, exhibits and interactive challenges. The GPU Technology Conference is hosted by NVIDIA, best known as the makers of high performance GPUs and related technology. Continue reading