Memory Management With QPointer in Qt C++

Qt C++ QPointer

You have probably heard how it has been said that in some corporate organizations that pointers have been banned when coding in C++. Then you would know that this is really awkward for any C++ programmer to not use Objects in their code.

Anyway there is a sane way to handle your memory management issues when programming with Qt and that is to use one of the pointer classes called QPointer provided in the Qt framework. Continue reading

The C++ Standard Template Library Vector Sequence Containers – Part 2

CPP STL Series

In this article, which is the second in the C++ Standard Template Library series we will be taking a look at Containers and to be more precise we will be looking into Sequence containers.

In the first article in the C++ Standard Template Library series we took an general overview of the what the Standard Template Library is and we discussed the different components that make up the library. Continue reading