GPU Technology Conference on Track


The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, an expo showcasing the best in GPU technology. Where academia and industry professionals come together to interact and share ideas about GPU computing.

This is an annual conference of talks, hands-on labs, key-notes, exhibits and interactive challenges. The GPU Technology Conference is hosted by NVIDIA, best known as the makers of high performance GPUs and related technology. Continue reading

YouTube Gaming for the Gamers

YouTube Gaming

Google recently released the video game channel YouTube Gaming as a YouTube spin-off. YouTube Gaming seems to have adopted the model of Twitch another online video gaming website.

YouTube has already got a vibrant gaming community with the vast number of gamers recording and posting their game walk-throughs,  let’s plays, speed runs, music video among others. Continue reading

If the ‘box’ is the boundary of constraints and conditions, then the trick is to find the box…. Do not think outside the box — find the box. Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas

Find the Box

The Gears Computer Animation Session

CG Gears

The gears computer animation project which was a fun CG weekend project is showcased here. This CG scrap book just shows the screens of some of the work that went into this animation.

This project is a mush mash of some of my CG tools showcased here. It started off with modeling five gears using Blender and laying them out in a dark room scene. There was nothing unusual with the modeling. It was just a mix of the built in materials and generated textures from within Blender. Continue reading